Blue Oasis Dive Centre is a Scuba Schools International (SSI) Diamond Dive Centre!

SSI Diamond Status recognizes dive centres that make a commitment to excellence and leadership in the categories of:

 Business Practices & Ethics
Quality Assurance
Education Commitment
Customer Service
Diving Passion

Only Dive Centers and Dive Resorts recognized as the leaders in their marketplace can be considered for the SSI Diamond Status. Read more here: https://www.divessi.com/safety_quality


  • Jason Herlick
    Jason HerlickOwner / Dive Master Instructor

    Jason Herlick has always been captivated by the water, and has been creating underwater pictures since he was a child. A deep fascination for exploring new places drew him towards the underwater world.

    Jason was so eager to learn how to dive that he was the very first student certified in April of 2005. The temperature outside was only 1 degree above zero, but he couldn’t wait a moment longer to become a diver!

  • Michelle Wetton
    Michelle WettonAdvanced Open Water Instructor

    Michelle Wetton’s fascination with the underwater world started as a child. After feeling a certain kinship with Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, Michelle decided that she wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up! 

    Michelle earned her open water diver certification card in 2005 at West Hawk Lake, MB. She immediately fell in love with diving, and would spend every weekend at the lake that year until it froze over! Not long after that, she began teaching scuba diving to help share her passion with others. Michelle especially loves teaching diving to children and young adults.

  • Robin Larkins
    Robin LarkinsDive Control Specialist / Assistant Instructor

    Robin Larkins became a certified open water diver in 2008. He had tried diving several times as a high school student, and knew from that point on that he’d be a diver one day! Since being certified in British Columbia, Robin has travelled to La Paz (Mexico), Turks & Caicos Islands, Fiji, St. Kitts, Saba, Bonaire and Grand Cayman. He enjoys traveling and looks forward to the next adventure!

  • Keith Delisle

    Keith Delisle became a certified open water diver at West Hawk Lake in 1997.  His first ocean experience was the Queen Charlotte Islands in beautiful British Columbia.  He was so fascinated at the abundance of marine life with their vivid array of colours on display that he has been hooked ever since. Over the years he has travelled to many exotic locations such as Roatan (Honduras), Grand Cayman, Belize, La Paz (Mexico), and Jamaica.   Keith loves sharing his passion with others, and helping them become skilled and confident scuba divers, so they too can experience this amazing underwater world.

    CASSANDRA KIERNICKISales Associate / Dive Master

    Cassandra Kiernicki grew up reading National Geographic magazines and fell in love with underwater photos. As she grew older she became more aware of the environmental issues that went along with the photos. After graduating high school she knew she wanted to focus her career to help protect the underwater world. Upon starting her degree in the Environment she became certified in June of 2013 at West Hawk Lake, MB and is currently working on completing her Dive Master Certification.

    • Rebekah Hatherly

      Rebekah Hatherly took her first breaths underwater in 2006, when she learned to scuba dive during her Scuba Ranger course at the age of 11. She was then certified as an Open Water Diver in 2008, and moved up to a Dive Control Specialist/Assistant Instructor in 2013. Even though she just recently started helping out with new divers, Rebekah loves seeing the students grow and overcome their fears, and end up falling in love with diving!

    • Ashley Jensen
      Ashley JensenCo-Owner / Graphic Designer

      Ashley Jensen started diving in 2005, shortly after watching her husband Jason fall in love with the sport. He actually signed her up for the course and she didn’t know until just a few hours before her first class!

      Ashley’s first ocean dive stands out in her memory for many reasons, however, she says “nothing tops how quiet and beautiful it was. Afterwards I distinctly remember feeling humbled and lucky to have experienced the ocean in such an intimate way”.