Rebekah Hatherly

Dive Control Specialist / Assistant Instructor

Rebekah Hatherly took her first breaths underwater in 2006, when she learned to scuba dive during her Scuba Ranger course at the age of 11. She was then certified as an Open Water Diver in 2008, and moved up to a Dive Control Specialist/Assistant Instructor in 2013. Even though she just recently started helping out with new divers, Rebekah loves seeing the students grow and overcome their fears, and end up falling in love with diving!

Rebekah has had the privilege of going on two dive trips to the Caribbean (Bonaire, Grand Cayman), as well as many local dives in British Columbia and West Hawk Lake, MB. She still remembers her first ocean dive: “I was so amazed by the colours, and biodiversity underwater in a coral reef that it brought me to tears. Every dive is unique and has its own special place in my heart”.

When asked about her love for the ocean, Rebekah says: “I will never stop being fascinated by the ocean habitat, and I can’t wait to make a career out of protecting this incredible environment.”

Rebekah is very excited to be a part of the Blue Oasis Dive Team and will continue to share her passion for scuba and the underwater world with others!

Favourite Dive Sites

  • Race Rocks, British Columbia,
  • Stingray City, Grand Cayman
  • Buddy’s Reef, Bonaire
  • Kittiwake, Grand Cayman
  • Captain Dawn’s Reef, Bonaire
  • Having Navigation under my belt has certainly boosted my diving confidence. Also the Instructors from Blue Oasis are the greatest, knowledgeable, patience, caring respectful and extremely professional.

    Lorraine Gravel
    Lorraine Gravel
  • I entrusted my 11 year old son's Scuba Diving training to Michelle. She has guided him through his initial introduction to the sport, to a junior open water diver certification, and on to open water ocean diving on reefs and wrecks (at the age of 13). Michelle provided carefully considered, well paced instruction to my son and 5 other children. In addition to the time I spent observing her instructing at the pool, I was able to observe her in action with students during real dives in the open ocean. She is proactive, attentive to detail, assertive, compassionate, very knowledgeable, a problem solver, level-headed and highly reliable.    

    John Rooney
    John RooneyWinnipeg, MB